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The Movement for Patriotic Actions (MAP-BURUNDI BUHIRE)  is a grassroot movement created as a result of a broad process of consultations during which Burundians residing in Burundi and those of the Diasporas decided to create a grassroot political movement for the refounding of the Nation and the Burundian State.

It was decided to establish the political movement in Burundi and in the countries where a good number of Burundian compatriots reside. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

MAP is a new framework for political and civic expression, open to Burundian men and women of integrity, with a sense of patriotism, competent and ready to undertake major national projects to rebuild a Nation that is based on the rule of law, respect of life and dignity of every citizen.

MAP-Burundi Buhire is a unifying and inclusive political and  citizenry movement without any exclusion, and whose mission is to redress the chaotic situation described above. Its main objectif is to  work hard to build a modern, secular, dignified and prosperous and rule of law based Nation with an intention to improving the collective well-being of the Burundian population.

The Burundian diaspora living in the Nertherlands

MAP-BURUNDI BUHIRE - A credible and New way of doing politics

The vision of the MAP - Burundi Buhire" is based on  four axes:
  • Respect for Human Rights

    No Burundian should be considered, and especially not excluded, on the basis of his or her ethnic identity, his or her philosophical or religious beliefs, his or her gender, his or her physical handicap, his or her age, his or her region or his/her province of origin.


    Only national identity and the skills of each will allow  Burundian citizen in their
    complementarity to build a nation to be proud of.


    The leitmotif of the movement is to establish a true democracy, to make Burundi a rule of law based nation, in which all citizens will be equal in dignity and before the law while ensuring the protection and assurance of the rights of foreigners, the elderly, the vulnerable and all other minorities

  • Peace and Prosperity

    Establishing peace and prosperity  is possible. But, every daughter and son in the country must invest body and soul in this endeavour.


    Burundi needs, more than ever, to establish a true democracy, good governance, the best education for all, food security and the health of its people, tourism and sustainable development, research and technology.


    Aid, whether regional or international, that is aimed at restoring peace and financing its development, will only support the efforts of citizens.


    The future will be about rebuilding a peaceful, united, dignified and stable Burundi in which inter-ethnic conflicts, bad governance and corruption will be banished.

  • Independent, efficient and impartial justice

    Independent justice is a prerequisite for good governance, development, genuine democracy, social cohesion and stability.


    After more than half a century of bad governance and serious crimes against Burundian citizens, it is high time to deliver justice, apply and uphold the law, establish the truth, re-educate prisoners and reconcile the Burundian people.

    MAP will pay tribute to all the victims of human barbarism, to all the men and women who languish unjustly in prisons and in refugee camps as well as the internally displaced, and to all those who have been forced to leave and seek refuge in foreign countries and who are deprived of their right to participate in the reconstruction of their country. 

  • Revival of the Economy

    The socio-economic situation in which Burundi currently finds itself is untenable. With subsistence agriculture that can no longer feed its population, Burundi survives today thanks to food aid from foreign countries or humanitarian organizations.

    The first steps towards industrialization have been annihilated by the practices of poor economic governance.

    Social services for health, education and assistance to the most vulnerable populations are disappearing. Burundi must restore the confidence of its people, its businessmen, investors and foreign partners, including its neighbours. To propel innovation and industrial and mining, commercial and tourism production, MAP will spare no effort to help increase Burundi's energy capacity. 

Constitution and Internal Rules of Procedure

A grassroot and democratic movement at heart, MAP-Burundi Buhire is determined to work towards a rule of law based society. The movement's constitution and internal rules of procedure are the internal democratic tools that regulate our actions and membership.  


Peace and security are the prerequisites for democracy and development. The return to peace begins with an effective reform of the defence and security corps to make them republican, professional, politically neutral bodies, respectful of human dignity and of the balances prescribed by the Arusha Accord for Peace and Reconciliation. The new Constitution promulgated on June 7, 2018 puts democracy and the Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation and its resulting Constitution in dire straits. MAP-BURUNDI BUHIRE will do all it can to fight for the full restauration of the Arusha Accords to all the country to heal before any other reforms can be undertaken. 

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